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About Continental Electric Sales

                                                    Larry began his career in the Electrical Business during his Summer recesses in the early                                                              70's working for Electrical Distribution.  There he first learned about the industry's structure.


                                                     After college, when Larry graduated with a degree in Marketing he immediately started                                                                 working with the Hubbell Wiring Device Co. In a short time he had established himself as                                                             a leading salesmen. 

In 1978 Larry started Continental Electric Sales.  "In the beginning I was a one-man operation handling commodity items, such as wiring devices, pipe, PVC products, cable ties and so on.  In 1985 I got into the Lighting end of the business.  I still have maintanied Wiring Devices as a viable source of business."  


By 1998 Continental's vision shifted from carrying similiar products to a company with fewer and more selective lines.  This decision has proved to be successful,  as Continental continues to support not only their manufacturers, but their loyal customers.  

20 years later Continental is known for their product knowledge, expertise in the manufacturer's they  represent, along with bringing unknown companies to the forefront in the market place. Today, Continental's reputation is one of service and  reliability, focusing on a select few quality manufacturers.  Most importantly, it is their integrity and the relationships developed over 40 years of doing business in the New York Metropolitan Area, that has turned the many opportunities to success stories.


In closing, going on its 3rd generation of family business, from Larry's father, to his son Logan, who is now in the business,  I think Larry's final thoughts say it best why Continental has not only survived 40 years, but why people like doing business with them. "I learned years ago, not only in this business but in anything one does, that your integrity, honesty and  genuine eagerness to help others is the foundation of  solid relationships. It is these solid relationships that create success."

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