Continental Electric Sales

Continental Electric Sales is dedicated to being the best in all facets of the Wiring Device and LED Lighting Business, with their customers and manufacturers. Focusing on Residential, Commercial & Industrial, Market Solutions.

150 Broadhallow Rd

Mellive, NY 11747

(631) 470 - 9611



MOBERN Lighting Company

Designer/Manufacturer of a Wide Range of Industrial/Commercial Lighting.

State-of-the-Art, Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures, Including LED, HID and Fluorescent

(Westchester,NYC and Long Island)



Cutting Edge Technology in full offering of LED Lamps and Commercial LED Light Fixtures

(Westchester,NYC and Long Island)


ETI Solid State Lighting

Residential and Commercial LED Lighting Products

(Westchester,NYC and Long Island)


Eaton Wiring Devices

Receptacles (including USB, RF switches, Illuminated and GFCI), Switches (including motor control,

Locking Devices, Pin&Sleeve, TempPower, Wall Plates and more.

(Westchester,NYC and Long Island)



Commercial,Industrial and Architectural emergency lighting

(Westchester,NYC and Long Island)